Friday, June 5, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

It's been a while since I've spilled the juiciness, so I'm long overdue. Be sure to share your own dirty little secrets in the comments- it will make you feel so much better! Remember you can always comment anonymously if its a really good one!

Boo dumped a bucket of water on the floor of the bathroom and I mopped it up with a towel. That towel is still sitting on the bathroom floor and the whole room is starting to smell like mildew- yuck!

That occurred during Boo's bath on Wednesday, and that was the last day any of my kids had a bath.

I love my dog, but I really don't like her. In fact, she's kind of a pain in the butt who barks all the time. I keep her around to eat the food that the kids drop.

I love to spend time with the kids, but I dream about having a whole day to myself to sew cute stuff. Probably stuff for the kids...

I don't like to eat when the kids are awake because they always want my food and I'm a bit protective. Sometimes I sneak a treat into the laundry room and pretend that I was doing laundry.

Sometimes when we're out of spoons or cups but the dishwasher is full of other clean dishes I just put the stuff that we need into the clean dishes and run the whole thing again.

I'd rather clean my kids' rooms for them and do it my way than have them do it their way where we can never find anything.

Alright... your turn!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Vivienne said...

OMGosh I am cracking up at your dishwasher confession! That is hysterical!

I feel ya about hiding food from your kids (Bite? Bite?) and loving but not always liking your dog.
Too funny.

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