Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 79- Pee Brained

I mentioned in a post a few days ago about how I got Boo up from her nap to find that she had removed her diapers and marked her territory all over her bedroom. Apparently that wasn't an isolated incident but the beginning of a new pee filled stage of my life. For the past few days every time I've put her down for a nap or for bed she's woken up naked. I tried jammies with snaps... she can escape. Buttons.. no go. She just loves being naked. I don't think that her poor mattress feels the same way.

On a related note I've never done so much laundry in my life. The pee covered items started the trend, but I actually kept going after than. And don't freak out, but I even folded most of it and put it away. I know... something must be wrong with me. I also ended up making dinner, doing some dishes, and made my bed. The kids started asking me who was coming over. I really wish they wouldn't do that...

I even had some time this afternoon to get some sewing in AND call India Toshiba to get my computer mess figured out. I didn't really realize how productive my day was until I put it all on the table here. Oh, oh!! I even showered AND got dressed today AND ran errands. That's like the triple word score of my life. If every day was like today I'd almost call myself 'cured' but unfortunately I don't really know how realistic that is.

I always find it interesting how I have more free time for hobbies/crafts/plucking my eyebrows until I cry when I do more around the house. What the heck is that about? You'd think that I'd do a bunch of chores so I'd have a bunch of free time, but I'm stubborn and apparently believe that sitting on my butt all day letting the dishes pile up is the way to go.

It's obviously working SO well for me...

4 Thoughts From Others:

Tina said...

Oh daughter use to do the same thing!

Pepple Family said...

At least with all her nakedness you don't have to worry about a wiener getting caught on stuff! Jarom is a major streaker and after the car incident I am terrified of him being naked.

Amber said...

I'm so glad Saylor hasn't entered that stage!! She has tried, but she can't do it yet.

I think I've maybe mentioned that in the past, but I have the SAME theory about housework!! When I actually am on top of things, and getting alot done, I have so much more free time!

Also, to fix all the crossed out lines, make sure your last bracket looks like this: Okay it would accept my comment with that in there, but make sure it has the bracket, then a back slash, then another bracket. It will fix it all. <----I learned that the hard way. :)

tiffany said...

Oh dear your site has gone crazy crossing out all your words! Hope there is an easy fix.

What about putting her in those footy one piece jammies...cut off the feet and put them on her backwards and zip her in. the zipper will be in the back. maybe she cant get to her diaper then?

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