Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 84- Sew Cranky

Yesterday was a good day potty training wise. I'll spare you the details, but Boo only had 2 accidents all day. She really gets it and makes a little sad face when she does have an accident. Hopefully I can give away my extra diapers later this week and never have a baby in diapers again. <---- This statement alone makes me want to jump for joy and scream with baby fever at the same time. I could probably do those things simultaneously but I maydefinitely need to stretch first.

I hope that Mr. Wright had a good Father's Day, but unfortunately he had to work for most of the day. I spent the day being a slave to Boo again, but it was great to see her progress. I also got to deal with these super cranksters who stayed up too late watching movies. When you're preschoolers are staying up later than you on a Saturday night you may need to get a life...


We had a barbecue to go to so the kids got to run around and tire themselves out. We pretty much came home and they went to bed, but Mrs. Wright was feeling crafty. I whipped up this little beauty with some scrap fabric that I had and I think it will be the perfect reward for Boo's new 'lifestyle change' of no longer crapping her pants.


I didn't get a thing done around the house the last few days, so I really need to focus on that this week. Too bad ALL I want to do is sew...

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