Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 85- To Don't List

Yesterday I woke up to find that Boo had left me a little brown potty training surprise in the night. Needless to say she went straight in the bath. Shockingly I started cleaning at 8am and yada, yada, yada I got all these chores done! I made a list to stay accountable and I'm hoping to cross more things off tomorrow. I'm not quite used to having to do SO much work just to cross one little thing off the list. Usually my lists look like this:
get out of bed
make list

I know everyone is itching to see exactly what has fallen behind in my home, so now, without further delay, duhn, duhn duhhhhhhhhhhhhhn...

My Master List!
Clear counters
Wash dishes
Fold laundry
Clean Boo's room & organize closet
Move changing table out to sell
Go through Boo's clothes to reduce amount
Clean Little Man's room & organize closet
Move princess decorations from months ago to the girls' rooms
Move kids' name letters to the right rooms
Rotate kids toys
Move games from hall closet to game room
Clean under bathroom sink and purge drawer
Clean kids bathtub after poop incident
Move shelf in dining room downstairs
Move dining room table
Clean out crap 'in-box'
Clean out junk drawer
Move emergency kit project downstairs
Purge cabinet contents
Get rid of crap pile on counter
Clean/vacuum tops of cabinets
Re-arrange living room furniture
Sweep/Mop/de-stink entryway
Vacuum stairs
Clean Sweetie Pie's room
Organize sad sickly stockpile pantry
Wash bed skirt and put back on
Make my bed
Do all the laundry all over my floor
Clean off dresser and nightstand
Clean shower and sweep/mop bathroom
Vacuum game room and hall
Clean off craft table
Sell high chair, exersaucer, poker table, changing table and other baby crap on Craigslist
Take all other donations to charity or have garage sale
Clean laundry room AGAIN
Make menu plan and grocery list
Make a list of lists :P

What's on your list?

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