Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 74- Bad, Sad, Mad Day

Sorry this post is later than I usually like to publish but I've been having trouble putting words together today. I refrained from writing about my depressing duck murdering incident that had me all shaken up on Wednesday because I didn't want to bring the blog down- I like it better when it's light and fun. Unfortunately today has been a difficult day for me and my group of friends as we all lost our beloved "fetus niece" at just 9 weeks gestation. Her mama has been through so much in life, love, and loss and it kills me that she can't catch a break in life.


You can't help but squeeze your babies a little tighter when you are reminded of just how precious life is, and you can't help but be thankful for something that I take for granted all too easily. I wish I was in the mood to be silly, or tell everyone about my adventures of the day, or how proud I was when Sweetie Pie identified a "garage sale" that was really Yarbage, but I just want to send a hug to my dear friend Kate. If you're the praying kind please send one her way, and a few to her daughters in Heaven, Daisy and Parker.

4 Thoughts From Others:

Amber said...

Again, so so sorry. I will definitely be praying for Kate. And for you to continue to have the strength, courage, and know-how to just be there for her during this horrible time.

tiffany said...

Yes, hugs to your friend Kate. Sometimes you have to post from the heart and those are good too. Hope you are feeling more cheerful soon and good wishes to your heart-broken friend.

kate said...

Lovie, you are an angel. You truly are.

I'm totally crying, but it's not all tears of sadness, there's tears of gratefulness too.

Thank you.


Mrs. Wright said...

Love you Kate- I wish I could just take your pain away...

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