Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 72- Status Report

I keep trying to forget completely accidentally forgetting that I started this blog to track my progress in life, so I think it's time for a progress report. I've made very little progress, but it's better than it was so that's something.

Dishes (my nemesis)
I've tried to keep up by emptying the dishwasher in the morning and filling it all day, but if I get sidetracked then I'm screwed. It's too easy to stack the dirty dishes in the sinks, then the counter next to the sink, then the island. And I wonder why we never have any spoons!

I'm doing horribly with this one. We own a LOT of clothes, so I can get pretty behind before we even 'feel' it and even then it takes a while to get everything washed, dried, folded and put away. My family pretty much knows that there's a mandatory 48 hour waiting period for clean laundry at least! so that's definitely something to work on more.

I'm slowly getting my crap together in this area {pun intended} and I'm so happy that I finally dumped that dead weight at goodwill last week. I still have a huge pile of baby clothes that need to be bagged up and taken to the consignment store along with all my other normal 'can't-let-go' clutter.

Good Mama
I suck at this one, but in my defense the kids have been sleeping poorly and are cranky and not fun way more often. I love living in Alaska, but when it's just as light at midnight than it was at 6pm it's hard to keep little ones on the right sleep schedule. I have tons of ideas for fun activities, but for now we've just been doing basic coloring, playing outside, and watching too many cartoons.

Good Wife
Uhh.... pass?

Getting Healthy
I suck at this one too since I've eaten a HUGE plate of nachos, a brownie, and some Wendy's today, but I washed it all down with Crystal Light so that counts as water. Thank goodness because I hate drinking water- don't tell my kids! I could drink a gallon of Crystal Light a day, but maybe a cup of water... 2 cups if it's ice cold with that cute little Sonic ice that no one has in Alaska. I love drinking Crystal Light all the time, and no, this isn't a post sponsored by them. I am trying to work this into my regular post so I can answer Amber's question of the week for Extreme Makeover: Me Edition without doing a whole other post. I'm lazy like that, remember?

I did add a new job that I need to do (since I was running so low on crap to fill my day!) and that is taking care of my yard. Have you even been out yard sale-ing and seen those mystery houses that have so much stuff in the yard that you think it's a garage sale but it isn't!? My sister Senorita Snarkalicious calls it "Yarbage" and I have a ton. My yard looks like a daycare closing sale with 2-for-1 weeds.

I made it my mission to do ANYTHING to make my property look better last night and I'm proud to say that I accomplished that. It took an hour and a half and a few four letter words, but I weeded part of my yard. Boo was even kind enough to help while Little Man contributed by 'accidentally' spraying me with the hose... four times. Nice, huh? I was kind enough to take before and afters since I know everyone was crying themselves to sleep at night due to my complete lack of B & A pictures in the last 6ish whole posts. It's okay my kind readers, the wait has ended.

My front side rocks weeds grass dirt collection before:


My front side rocks less weeds grass dirt collection after:


My organized Yarbage:


And just in case the neighbors weren't entirely positive how trashy we are I served my kids store brand fruit loops... outside... for dinner. What!? I was so tired from all that weeding!


8 Thoughts From Others:

Connie Weiss said...

Weeding is my least favorite thing to do in all of the world! I want to just set fire to them but we live in a city limits and they frown upon that kind of thing.

I think you are doing well with everything. Rome wasn't built in 72 days...

Have a wonderful week!

onegirliegirl said...

How much for the little girl bike with training wheels :)

I love your yard!! Looks like the place every kid in the neighborhood wants to hang out at :)

xoxo ~Lisa

Tanielle said...

Love this post, we have cereal a lot for dinner, and I feel pretty awesome, because my mom never would have allowed that!:-) I want to come play in your yard, fun toys!

Xazmin said...

Oh we are so much alike! Your dishes story pretty much mirrors my own life...well everything you said does!

Nachos and brownies...yup done both of those this week!

Vivienne said...

OK what's the deal with this famous Sonic Ice? Is it special calorie burning ice? Never melting ice? Ice in cute shapes? We don't have Sonics here, but yours is the 3rd blog in a row where I've read a post that mentions this ice.

I wouldn't be able to get my kids to sleep in the land of the midnight sun either...

J.J. said...

Yarbage........HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! My hubby was up in Northern Canada as a boy ans talks about how hard it was to go to bed and sleep when it was that light outside.

The Un-Organized Mom said...

Hey yours had cereal for dinner...mine had Ice Cream for breakfast because we ran out of milk! =)

Sonic Ice is the BEST!

As for your dirty dishes and clutter...have your in-laws come for a visit as I did this past weekend. It got my butt in gear and my house looks pretty darn good now!! I've turned into crazy clean mom and gripe if anyone leaves ANYTHING on a flat surface or a dirty dish laying around! I'm sure they want the old me back...but I don't! I'm very much enjoying my clean house!

Becky said...

we have cereal for dinner all. the. time. (seriously)

And if dishes had to go right in the dishwasher, instead of in the sink, I would have been fired years ago..lol!

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