Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 78- Power Punched

I'm sure it is fairly obvious that I love my computer. I love my blog, I love my e-mail, I love Crackbook, and I love my bulletin boards and I love interacting with all the friends I've made online in the past few years. I can quite honestly say that I have more friends online than I do in real life. It seems so weird to people who don't have 'friends they've never met', but I don't see how standing in the same room as someone makes them a better friend than talking every day for over two years across the country.

Why the internet friend vent? I had a bit of a scare today with my laptop and all I could think of was how I was going to read blogs, post threads, blog and check my e-mail. My friends live in there darnit! It turns out that my power cord wasn't charging the computer even though it was plugged it. I tried a few different outlets and nothing worked. I turned the computer off and on hoping the icon was just 'stuck' and nothing. I was watching my computer slowly die and I didn't know when she would have power again. So sad.

After about 10 minutes of wiggling I saw the power light come on, then turn off again. Finally I realized that if I angled the cord just right it would feed power to charge up my baby. I literally held the cord in this position for 10 minutes before my arm got tired. I never claimed to have a life, but even I think it is pathetic to manually hold the cord into the computer while it charges. I finally was able to lay the computer on the floor and wedge Elmo under the cord just right to charge up without my help. I knew we had 15 billion Elmo's for a reason!

I called Toshiba after finding their number online on the desktop and of course I had to spend an hour telling the story over and over to all different Indian people named 'Jenny' and 'Lucky'. First they told me that I had to register the computer so I had to be transferred, then hold, then spell out my name and address s-l-o-w-l-y 5 different times. I got transferred again, held again, had to register again, blah, blah, blah. I know everyone is pining for more details but I may start rocking in the corner if I have to remember all the steps.

'Randy' set up a pickup for my sick computer and told me the wait time would be 6-8 weeks PLUS shipping. That's a long time to go without my laptop, even with my desktop to keep me somewhat connected! I figured that it would be best to run to the in-law's and try my FIL's identical power cord before I spent the next 12 hours backing up my 80GB's of photos and videos.

Luckily they're used to my brand of crazy and didn't even flinch when I asked to come over and plug my computer in without an explanation. I waited for the older ones to get up from their 'rest time' and went in to get Boo up. It was warm today so I had put her down for a nap in just her diaper. Any parent with a 2 year old knows what's coming next... she had tried to change her own diaper with a clean one that she had found, was apparently unsuccessful, then found some jeans to put on instead.

I didn't even think it was weird that she was wearing jeans since she loves to dress herself, but when I went to pick her up and her butt was soaking wet and warm I put it all together. I was trying to get to the in-law's and back quickly so I could get dinner started before Mr. Wright got home from work so I just gave her the classy "baby wipe bath" and left.

I show up at their house in yoga pants and a wrinkled shirt, Sweetie Pie is wearing the same thing she wore the day before, and Boo still has a bit of odor on her. I'm sure they were thrilled to smell see us. I plugged my laptop into FIL's power cord and it lit right up like I do when there's a sale on jammies. I'm glad it was a simple fix but now I have to spend part of tomorrow trying to track down 'Randy' to cancel the pickup and get a new cord shipped. At least I can spend my time on hold folding laundry... pssshh! THAT will happen :P

3 Thoughts From Others:

tiffany said...

Ok, I am totally ordering the new power cord. How weird is this but a couple weeks ago, my old cord wore right through somehow. Someone thinks I tote my puter around too much and twist the cord. Whatever. Its a LAPTOP. Meant to be toted. Cord should stand up to that. So I plugged in an old cord but its 25 amps (is it amps? I dont know) less than the old one. Puter is worth the $60 cord it needs. Better order it now.

btw, still plan to link you...i procrastinate...

Amber said...

I seriously love your posts. Even when they're about charging your laptop. You have a way of making the mundane a comedy act. Or a really great novel.

I love the way your eyes light up when you see a sale on jammies. :)

I also totally get what you're saying about your friends online. Most people in my life don't get it. My cousin/bff especially. I can tell it irritates her to no end when I say "my friend such & such said/did/experienced/whatever". Whatever, I consider all of my friends online actual friends, even though we've never met.

Senorita Snarkalicious said...

That's what happened to my last laptop. I bought a new power cord and moved out of that apartment that didn't have enought electricity to actually power electronic devices (Seriously my clock lost 5 minutes a day) and all was fixed.

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