Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 80- Mom Tips

*It's official, Blogger hates me! I keep getting signed out, my scheduled post didn't show up, and half my blog is crossed out. Must be a super mommy running the show that wants me to quiet down. Sorry for the technical difficulties!*

Oatmeal stuck on your arm then rubbed off is a great alternative to waxing.

If you ask your 2 year old to scratch the itch on your foot it almost feels like a foot massage.

Sometimes when everyone is screaming, the tv is too loud and I'm worn out I close my eyes and pretend that I'm at a noisy airport waiting to jet away somewhere... alone.

If you fill a sink with Pine-sol and water and leave it all day then drain it before your husband gets home it smells like you've been cleaning all day. This also works for mother in law's and general visitors. Of course I wouldn't know because my sink is never empty to attempt this.

Hide yummy snacks in the pantry behind the extra flour... no one will ever look there. I also find that frozen treats wrapped in foil and labeled 'pork chops' never move either.

When you're hair is in a bun you can get it wet, let it dry and it will 'curl'. White trash chic...

DVR was created for mom's who need to pause a show a.million.times to get juice/snacks then ghetto mop with windex and a paper towel when said juice/snacks are spilled.

Wii and wii fit are much more fun after the kids are in bed.

Clearance holiday candy lasts a LONG time. Even better yet you can tell your kids that holidays happen a week after they really do and catch the 75% off Target clearance. Score one for the parents!

If your kid thinks that a calculator is a cell phone and you're still jealous of their 'phone' you may need to update your phone.

Stuck up moms most likely have stuck up kids. Don't befriend the moms unless you're really really in need of one more person in your life to cater to.

Dogs will clean up almost any food mess. If they won't then try the vacuum. If that doesn't work then pretend you didn't see it. There's spaghettios all over the table!?

Black yoga pants and a nice top look almost identical to black slacks and a nice top. Not that I would know or anything...

Share your secret mom tips in the comments- I'm always lookin' for new moves!!

1 Thoughts From Others:

kate said...

Slice an onion, and pour a little worchestershershirestuff(I can never spell that word) over it and throw it in the oven if you need a little extra time to make dinner. People will think you are really cooking!!

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