Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 83- Undie Count, 2009

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about how many times Boo can pee herself in a 24 hour period, but with the potty training consuming my life I don't really have much else to blog about. We are making s-l-o-w progress, but everyone assures me that most kids magically 'get-it' around day 3, but it could take longer. I really hope that we're almost done, and I'm sure that my carpet agrees. This will all be worth it even if she's potty trained in 10 days, but for now I get to whine about the constant peeing.

Here's the rundown of my day:
8:00am- Boo woke up damp, tried to pee, put on undies #1
9:03am- peed a tiny bit in undies, tried to pee on potty, put on undies #2
9:12am- peed a tiny bit in undies, peed in the potty, put on undies #3
9:55am-peed a tiny bit in undies, tried in potty, put on undies #4
10:03am- super peed a TON in dining room, tried on potty, put on undies #5
11:28am- tried on potty, left for Walmart with pee pad in hand!
11:35am- I smelled something stinky from the back of the van, hoped it wasn't what I thought it was
11:41am- false alarm confirmed
1:07pm- back from Walmart, tried to pee, changed into new Elmo undies (#6)
1:12pm- peed a tiny bit in brand new Elmo undies, tried on potty while crying "Melmo!! NOOOO!", put on undies #7
1:15pm- down for nap
3:25pm- woke up during nap to scream POTTY!, dry undies, tried in potty
4:01pm- woke up wet, peed in potty, put on undies #8
4:47pm- peed a tiny bit in undies, tried on potty, put on undies #9
4:49pm- (seriously!) peed in undies, peed on potty, put on undies #10
5:04pm- peed a tiny bit in undies, peed on potty, put on undies #11
5:25pm- peed a tiny but in undies, tried on potty, put on undies #12
6:35pm- tried on potty
7:10pm- tried on potty
7:25pm-7:30pm- tried FIVE FREAKING TIMES...ugg!
7:31pm- pooped in the potty!! Whoo hoo! I've never been so excited for that smell...
7:40pm- peed on the potty
7:45pm- in bed, in undies, for the night.
7:46 pm- I wash a BILLION pairs of undies to prepare for tomorrow, and forward this post to frisky teenagers who think kids are easy :P

Boo's made so much progress in the last two days that I don't want to stop and send mixed signals, but pee SUCKS. I'm just looking forward to less and less accidents and I'm so proud of my little girl. I never would have dreamed of potty training at 24 months, but she made the decision for me with all the diaper ditching. Here's hoping that the 3 Day Potty Training is literal for us!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Amber said... You just confirmed to me that I am NOT ready for potty training yet!! There's no way in heck that I'm doing all that mess right now. She's not taking off her diapers like your little miss Baylor, so no potty for this Saylor. *snort* `

Of course, diapers are no fun either. Hmmm...

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