Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 86- Boring Blog Post

Firefox has this little add-on that you can download and it will track the time that you spend online. I downloaded just to see what it was all about and I can now confidently say that this little bugger was sent from hell to make me feel badly about myself... it was off for a bit of the morning and it is currently reading FOUR hours and seven minutes. Part of that was Mr. Wright, but most of it was me. I love my e-mail and crackbook and my mommy board and blog reader, but FOUR hours!? That just makes me sad for my poor babies. Yes, they know all the hot entertainment news the moment it breaks (Matthew McConaughey is going to be a daddy again!) , but they don't know who Dr. Suess is...

I never really thought about it when I started this blog, but by using the "day 1, day 2" format and combining that with my selective OCD I locked myself into posting I couldn't skip a day because then my numbering would be all random and that just wouldn't be okay. Unfortunately my "content" (I use that word loosely :P ) has suffered. This will be my 102nd post in 86 days and I don't have any more secrets left... at least none that I really want to share on the internet.

I'm getting a little bit 'Kate Gosselin' on the subject (I totally just made that a verb!) and feel like I have to have experiences just so I can write about them. I'm not sure why I feel so strongly about people coming to my blog and always loving it, but I hate pushing publish when it's not something that I can read back to myself and laugh. I haven't decided if I'm going to post less often or just make a posting schedule where I don't have to spend an hour writing a brand new post every day.

Either way I've decided to ditch the 'Day whatever' format once I reach 100 days. I may even celebrate my first 100 days with a giveaway! That's what fun blogs do, right!? They give stuff away... I, for one, and glad to be doing away with the day thing since I can NEVER remember what day I'm on and have to look at yesterday's every time.

So what do YOU want to read about? My crafts? What I made for dinner? All the cleaning I DIDN'T get done today? Boo shoplifting from the store? What color my pajama pants are today? Leave me a comment so I can make my blog even better!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Connie Weiss said...

*kate gosselin* is absolutely a verb and I use it all the time!

I do not want a online tracker! No way!

Senorita Snarkalicious said...

Boo shoplifted?????

Shell said...

I found your blog through OrgJunkie's monthly round up and have been loving it ever since. We have a lot (really, a lot!!) in common and I totally relate to your posts - it's a bonus that they crack me up.

I would say, don't worry about what you post about. Just keep it fun for you - as long as you are enjoying posting your content won't suffer.

tiffany said...

oh i am never installing a time tracker thingy! ugh! i did however,for some months, have my husband install "parental controls" to kick me offline for at least 4 hours a day. sad but true. of course one day in a fit of huge withdrawl and some crazy NEED to be online, i figured out his password and un-parental controled it myself. so much for that.

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