Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 66- Food Mood

At one point last summer I had a month's worth of menus planned at any time with all the ingredients purchased and dinners marked on the calendar. It was so easy to wake up in the morning, see what I had planned for dinner, and get the meat out to thaw. I fell off the wagon as usual, and when I don't have the funds to buy every item for a meal I just can't function. I can't make presentable meals out of the items in my freezer no matter how hard I try.

Today I planned out a few meals, some actually containing items I already had, made a list, then purchased the items. Sound simple, but that's a big deal for me! Senorita Snarkalicious even got my kids McDonald's and sat with them while they ate so I could screech around Walmart with that giant cart shopping. It was wonderful because I had a list, no kids, and some salty fries. Suh-weet!

I'm thrilled that it's 2pm and I know exactly what we're having for dinner, and even have the next 4 days' dinners planned. I bought enough food for 10 dinners and even got some staples for the pantry for $120. I bought diapers too since I've decided to creep over to the 'dark side' of disposable diapers, so that's pretty good for food in Alaska.

Sometimes I accidentally see an ad from the 'lower 48' and want to cry at the prices. It's probably a good thing that I hardly ever leave Alaska so I won't be tempted to fill my suitcases with bargains. There was this blissful week right when Target opened that they hadn't realized the prices of stuff here for some reason and I got a bunch of Spaghettios for $.66 a can not even on sale. I think I had a coupon too! Anyway, not more than 5 days later I went back to get more and they were the Alaska price of $1.10. They're still a bargain compared to the $1.45 at another local store but I just can't bring myself to buy them since I know how much they're going for everywhere else. Stupid Target. Way to pass the price gouging onto the customer :P

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