Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 92- Down By The River

Today was Mr. Wright's day off, so he forced me to leave the shelter of my house AND wear shorts. I apologize to anyone who had to witness this lapse in my judgement. Tanning gift certificates are being accepted... and razors. In retaliation I made him wear his wedding ring which came off just days after our wedding 6 years ago.

We drove to a spot with shallow but fast moving waters and the kids had a great time throwing rocks into the water. There was a puddle that was no longer connected to the river filled with baby salmon, so Sweetie Pie made it her mission to save as many lives as she could. We dug through the trash that Mr. Wright had left in his car, and armed with a stick and a Carl's Jr. malt cup we collected 8 fish and transferred them back to the river.

I must admit that I did have fun leaving the house, though I (and the world) could have done without the shorty shorts!

The tiniest salmon ever!


My monkeys fishing with a cup


An Alaskan view


As we drove away Little Man and Sweetie Pie were thrilled with the fish lives that they saved, then informed us that the fish needed to grow bigger so we could catch them and eat them. Mrs. Wright doesn't eat fish, but my kids LOVE "fish chicken nuggets". They like chicken nuggets, only fishier! :-X

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Miriah said...

I love the tiny salmon picture! CUTE!

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