Monday, June 8, 2009

FMM 6/8/09

I'm a total slacker but I'm sure you already knew that. I'm glad to be back doing FMM this week, and I want it noted that I actually did it on Monday, lol! Snaps for me!

All That Is Good's Friend Making Monday!

Today's questions is:

What are your favorite things about Summer?

1. Potato salad! No celery or pickles, extra onions.

2. Family reunions! The kids love to play with their long lost 'cousins'. And there's potato salad!

3. BBQ's! I love BBQ chicken and there's potato salad!

4. LIGHT! I live in Alaska, so it's pretty cool to eat breakfast and dinner in the daylight since that doesn't happen int he winter.

5. Birds! I'm not really a birdwatcher and I'm actually in fact terrified of those creepy feet, but the sounds are very serene.

6. Grass! We only see ours 4 months of the year, so it's fun to see the kids running and playing.

7. Playing in the sprinkler on a 'hot' day! We top out at about 80 and I get cold easily, so it's got to be a pretty nice day for me to be in the freezing cold hose water.

8. Scenery! Alaska is downright gorgeous in the summer.

9. Not have to drive through a ton of snow, while its snowing and dark and cold.

10. Did I say potato salad?

4 Thoughts From Others:

honeysuckle said...

Sprinklers and potato salad would be good additions to my list also. Good list. Happy Summer!

Lins said...

You did say potato salad twice...but it deserves at least that many mentions! Mmmm!

Happy FMM! Great list!

Pepple Family said...

LOL at potato salad!

Mandy said...

I'm right there with ya on the potato salad, now you've got me craving it! lol

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