Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 88- Dirty Little Secrets Friday!

Welcome to another edition of my confessions of a burnt out, unshowered, pajama pants wearing, literally staying at home mom. Who's ready for some juice?

-Sweetie Pie always has this nasty rat's nest in the back of her hair because I only brush it when we leave the house. In my defense I could brush it every couple hours and it would still appear after every nap.

-Boo pooped her pants twice this week and it made me really sad. I didn't want to be mean about it obviously, but "oh no, you crapped your pants again." didn't really get the 'please don't do this again EVER because it's nasty' message across like I was hoping.

-I forgot to take the trash out 2 weeks ago and last week's trash wouldn't fit in the trash can because of it. I went to put it in the can last night and there were maggots on one of the bags. *BARF* OMG it was sooooo gross, and then I had to fess up to Mr. Wright.

-I stopped the online timer for almost an hour yesterday so Mr. Wright wouldn't see. Here's to hoping that he stopped reading at 'maggots'.

-I made that huge 'to do' list and only mark one or two things a day off of it, if that. If I ever complete everything on that list it will be a miracle... like an actual real miracle with angels and stuff.

- I haven't cleaned my shower since before CHRISTMAS. Seriously. How hard is it to spray some Scrubbing Bubbles, wait 20 minutes, then spray it down with the wand!? Pretty hard apparently.

- I quit posting on Extreme Makeover, Me Edition since I NEVER work out, think about working out, or have the desire to workout. I miss those ladies, but I think they're sick of my 100 posts about how I still didn't work out this week...

- I put the stool to the trampoline up high because I was tired of putting the kids' socks and shoes on over and over again after they jumped on it every 3 minutes.

-I love the smell of bleach so much that after I (rarely) clean something with it I smell my hands a few times. I'm a junkie!

- I shove a whole cookie in my mouth all at once just so the kids won't see what I have in there and ask for their own.

Your turn! What's your dirty little secret? You can always post anonymously.

2 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

1. I've been thinking about cleaning my bathrooms for the last 3 weeks. Which means they haven't been cleaned for about 2 months. Gross.
2. I've also been thinking about shampooing my carpet, which has tons of stains from the dogs, little monkey and big monkey, for about a year.
3. Thinking about doing these things is so much work that I never actually get around to doing them.

Becky said...

I think I could have written this post, lol. The shower, the cookie, the bleach, and the maggots, all have happened in my house. And if I had a timer on my absolutely would accidently BREAK!

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