Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 82- Potty Party

You know those things that you've never, ever heard of and then all of a sudden you hear about it 5 or 6 times in one day? That's what happened with this Three Day Potty Training. I had bought a book with Sweetie Pie that had a similar time frame. Unfortunately that whole method was centered around throwing a 'potty party' in the bathroom. I have toddlers so I'm no stranger to acting like an ass in the name of silliness, but throwing a farm animal themed party in my bathroom complete with balloons and streamers was a but too much for me. Needless to say I skimmed the book once (since it was really categorized by all the different weirdo potty parties you could have) and never touched it again.

Anyway, back to the Three Day Potty Training... I was worried that this was going to be one of those things where I have to set a timer for every 3 minutes and pretty much spend the whole day in the bathroom neglecting the older kids. Plus all that parenting would really cut into my computer time! Fortunately the potty training guru must also be addicted to the internet since her method doesn't require any timers, or pull ups, or Excedrin.

Basically you put your monster child (her method works for 22 months+) in underwear and ask them to keep their underwear dry. Instead of asking a million times if they need to go pee you have to ask them a million times to "tell Mama if you need to go potty". The guru also suggests that you stay home as much as possible for the three days. Of course I had one quick errand that I had to run, so I 'woman-ed up', but Boo in undies and headed to Lowes.

Once we were in the car I didn't really want to remind her to tell me if she needed to go potty since I don't own a potty chair and didn't want to stop, so I just kept asking her if she was dry. It's about 15 minutes to Lowes, and I must have asked her 20 times on the way there alone.

Me: Are you still dry?

Boo: (Grabs crotch like Michael Jackson) Yah!!

Me: Hooray!! Good job!

Boo: Hahahahahahah!

(wait 30 seconds and repeat)

Of course once I got to Lowes I stuck her in a giant plastic car cart that had rain water in the seat so she was soaking wet anyway, but still dry in the front. I zipped through the paint section to steal paint chips for this, but apparently they only have them at Home Depot. I'm looking like I have psychiatric issues at this point since I'm still quizzing Boo on the contents of her pants every two seconds in public, but I don't think I was every really in the running for the Mrs. Sane crown so I'm alright about it. I got my errand done, loaded the kids back in the car, and continued the inquisition all the way home.

I congratulate her as we walk in the door since we went ALL the way to Lowes and back without her peeing her pants (where's my gold star for that!?) and she's just glowing with pride. I was going to have her try to pee then since she had held it for a while, but the guru was VERY clear about trusting Boo to tell me when she had to go. I reminder her AGAIN to tell Mama if she had to pee, but she probably didn't hear me since she was up to her elbows in Apple Jacks. I made a phone call for 2 minutes, hung up the phone and noticed Boo 3 feet away from me doing the MJ crotch grab again screaming "butt, butt, butt!!". Whoops.

I cleaned her up and replaced her panties, but by then it was naptime. I figured she's already thoroughly marked her territory on her bed already this week so what's one more time. She actually stayed dry for her 90 minute morning nap- woo hoo! At lunch she started to pee but notified me as soon as it happened. Maybe she is hearing me every 5 seconds when I ask her to tell me! Little Man also alerted me to the presence of "lemonaid" on Boo's chair. She finished her business in the potty, which marks the first time she's peed in the potty ever. I won't even tell you how excited I was because it will reveal how lame the rest of my life is. She was just as proud...

The big question was naptime. She loves to sleep and drool like her Mama so she take a long nap in the afternoon. I tried to get her to go before bed but she just pretended to go and then spent the next 3 minutes flushing my stuff down the toilet. She didn't really sleep, I got her up a few times, but she still peed her undies. The evening was also quite eventful, but we're getting there. Hopefully we'll make some progress before I totally run out of clean underwear.

Tomorrow, we tackle day two... I'm already tired!

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Amber said...

So funny! Thanks for sending that e-book my way! I'm all over week. :)

I can't believe she's already potty training! And saying "butt, butt, butt". So proud!

I am just as whacky as you, but throwing a potty party like a full out birthday party?? I dunno about that. Pinata and all?? :)

I would be JUST as proud, also proving how lame & unexciting my life actually is. But hey, it's our kids, so even if they sneeze, I'm like "yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Good girl!". Hee hee.

So um, I do have a question though. Pee, no prob. #2.........not so keen about cleaning that up off the floor chair, bed, etc. Yuck. Have you had to do that yet??

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