Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 61- Before and After

Nothing seems to inspire me more than before and after pictures, and since I'm obviously not very inspire-able (yep, I made that up) I go nuts for any possible before and after pictures I can find. I'm thinking of taking my own picture in my jammies before a shower and eyebrow wax and just hanging it over my mirror as my before picture. Maybe that will inspire me to look more like an after in the mirror... maybe. I've gotten up early, showered AND brushed my hair 3 out of the last 4 days which for me is practically sterile conditions. I'm finding that smelling better really isn't that bad. Anyway... I seemed to have strayed a bit off course.

Cleaning and organizing things to make my life simpler and easier isn't enough gratification for me unfortunately. I need to have a before picture so it will inspire me to compare it to an after. Sometimes I randomly wander around my house taking pictures of every corner of every room the clutter in case I get crazy on a Saturday night. I'm wild like that. It's no surprise I'm sure that I never get around to it and then I have 35 random pictures of my clutter on my camera like a lunatic (like my pantry picture from yesterday). And I wonder why I don't have any memory on my computer...

Here's what I have so far, and hopefully I'll be able to add more before and afters soon!

My kitchen 'utility' drawer before:




And my game room before:


And after (I hung all the winter clothing up in the hall closet after this picture):


I've almost inspired myself to do the pantry... we'll see about that!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Pepple Family said...

Look at you and your organizing bad self! You almost motivated me to go take some before shots. I loved your "homeschool hour" too! The pic of, crap whats your blog nickname for the oldest one?!? LOL Well the pic of her is adorable!

Fishbacks said...

When you are done organizing at your house lets do mine! It would make for some awesome before and after pics. Jk, my house is to far gone. You are getting me motivated though. A few more of your pics and I might get off the computer and clean somthing!

Rocksee said...

You are too good at this.. You have an organizational calling. Start a biz! Id' hire you in a hot second to fix my mess!

Contemplative Mom said...

Looks great! Your drawer is so organized, and your game room so clean and orderly. Great joy!

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