Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 59- Wiped Out

All my life I have found joy in unusual places, most of them involving people getting hurt. I can't be the only person on the planet that finds people injuring themselves humorous or else America's Funniest Videos wouldn't exist. Last summer I discovered a show that was practically made for me... Wipeout!

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If you haven't heard of the show then you don't know what you're missing. People complete an obstacle course that has been designed to beat the crap out of you in the name of hilarity, and any possible survivors are given the change to move on to the next round with the eventual winner getting $50,000 (most of it probably going to medical bills). The show is wonderful because unlike other sitcoms or reality shows the same episode is just as funny the 10th time as it was the first. People knocking their teeth out or getting sucker punched in the groin never gets old for me. Maybe I'm immature like that, but I'll now be looking forward to Wednesdays just for my Wipeout fix. Mr. Wright and I watched it last night and I was sore from laughing this morning... it's that good!

On the home front I actually got off my sexy behind and spent an hour doing the dishes, and an hour cleaning my stove and it's million pieces. As soon as I got done cleaning it was time to make dinner when I promptly splattered grease all over the stovetop. Then I boiled over some buttery, milky water all over and into every tiny crevice that I had just cleaned... and then I may or may not have yelled an bad obscenity that Boo promptly repeated. But probably not... but maybe. I was great about putting the leftovers away from dinner, and I even rinsed the dishes and put them straight in the dishwasher! Maybe there's hope for me yet. It's amazing what a shower can do for my mood... if your kids ever notify you to let you know that you're wet and give you a strange look it COULD be time to shower more. Not that I'd know anything about that look or anything...

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Becky said...

I do this too! My husband thinks something is majorly wrong with me. (Well mainly because as he lays on the floor holding his newly kicked nuts or something, I am laughing so hysterically, tears are coming out of my eyes).
I guess it's mainly with him, because I don't do this so much with the maybe something IS wrong with me...
But I do LOVE American's Funniest Videos', so Wipeout sounds like the show for me!~

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