Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 60- Schooled

Yesterday was the first day of our 'homeschool hour' that I started to keep the kids learning and engaged over the summer. I couldn't care less about their progress since they're natural geniuses like their mother *cough, cough* but I don't really want them watching nine hours of Spongebob everyday either. I bought a kindergarten workbook off eBay a few months ago and I've been copying worksheets out on my printer. The kids love it since it gives them something to do, and since we only do it for an hour (usually including a game or activity and treat) they don't get bored with it.


Today I really needed to wrap some change since I've got it piling up everywhere. I could have waited for the kids to rest but I thought pawning my work off onto 4 and 5 year olds was a better plan anyway. I dumped all our change into a big bucket and had 4 smaller bowls for each denomination. The kids and I talked all about the different coins and what we thought different people would buy if they had a bunch of money. We sorted all the coins into the right bowls, then counted them as I filled the coin wrappers. The kids thought is was really fun, and they didn't even have to know that they were doing Mama's job. I'm already looking forward to our exhilarating "lid matching" game I have planned for tomorrow's dishes!


I'm swimming in laundry that needs to be folded so that's my big plan for this afternoon. I also need to clean up our game room for poker night. Right now it looks like Polly Pocket had a rave since there's random clothing and face down dolls all over the floor. Luckily most of the accessories are small enough to go up the vacuum... not that I'd do that or anything.

My other big project is my pantry. I don't know if I'll get it done today or not, but I'm posting my before picture here to hopefully inspire myself to fix it. I can't find a thing and everything is mis-labeled from the last pantry overhaul I did over a year ago. There's even a stash of toys that got taken away when the kids refused to pick them up and then forgotten about. I'm having to re-buy things that I didn't know I had in there and I skipped lunch just because all I could find was cereal.


Don't feel too badly for me as I snuck a small bag of Cheetos out of Mr. Wright's work lunch stash. I was very careful to not disturb the other chips and alert Mr. Wright of the intruder... now I just have to remember to destroy the evidence before he gets home. Hmm, I wonder how well Cheeto bags burn... this lady's about to find out!

3 Thoughts From Others:

Rocksee said...

She is SO cute. What a great little smile!!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, so hilarious. I love the Polly Pocket rave. And I also love that the accessories are small enough to 'accidentally' vacuum up.

Way to put the kids to work!! I do the same thing, except mine is usually used as a form of punishment. While I did a little shopping for Saylor's party, and then went walking, Maddison was at home: folding a load of clean laundry, put the other load into the dryer, emptied the dishwasher, then filled it back up again. Aaaahhhh.


Amber said...

Oh, I know what else I was going to say. She is SOOOO beautiful!!!

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