Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 43- Birthday Blues

It's been amazingly nice weather which led me to wearing shorts today. That alone is scary enough because my legs hardly ever see the sun and I'm starting to resemble that kid from Powder. I was just staying home today though, so I thought I'd mix it up and wear pajama shorts instead or pajama pants- crazy, right!? Anyway, the shorts led to a ten minute discussion with Sweetie Pie about why Mama has those 'sharp bumps' on her legs and she doesn't. Apparently I'm due to shave soon...

The kitchen is clean and the counters are clear, but if I don't act soon they sure won't stay that way. I was hoping to have everything done by the time The Biggest Loser finale started tonight so I could watch it "live" and not let those a-holes on Yahoo ruin the ending for all those pesky people that are behind East Coast, and God forbid, California time. We'll see if I actually get around to it this afternoon or not. I'm also embarrassed to admit that I still haven't unpacked our bags from our trip this weekend, and I have to run down and dig through backpacks just to find basic socks and undies for the kids. I really should make a list of everything I need to do, but I'd rather stick with the mental list of all the junk food I'm going to cram into my mouth while watching the big finale tonight that I already have in the works.

My other big job this week is Little Man's birthday... it's Saturday, and I don't have ANYTHING planned. He wants a rainbow colored Mickey Mouse shaped cake, just like last year. He wants "that pirate ship that I asked you for at the store but you said no" so I have to track that thing down and wrap my quarters to be able to afford it probably. I still have so much to do, but I'm glad that my kids are happy with having a tiny celebration. I can't imagine spending $200 on a birthday party much less these huge celebrations where the guests hardly even see the birthday kid and the parent have to call Suze Orman afterwards to figure out how to eat the next week. My goal is to buy the pirate ship, and spend less that $50 on the rest of the party. Stay tuned to watch me panic when I hit $49.50 and forgot to buy ice cream!

Little Man at his party last year- I photoshopped some circles together, cut out the 3, threw some text on there, and printed it out on iron transfer paper. I used a shirt that was almost too small and stained because I have issues with wearing and using seasonal things after that 'time' has passed. I had everything around, so this was FREE!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Cheryl B. said...

you can make a pirate cake - in the recipe for a reg. cake, only add have of the baking soda. The cake will rise only in spots, so that when you cut it, and layer it to form a ship, it will look sunkin ;-}

Amber said...

Cute! :) Happy birthday to little man. I have to start planning Saylor's party!! It's in about a month.

Laughing at your shorts & stubby legs. I feel the same way! Except I shave every.single.day.

Amber said...

And I still have stubble. that's what I meant.

Fishbacks said...

You are an awesome mommy!

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