Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 42- Home Sweet Homer

My family and I took our mini-vacation to Homer, Alaska. It is around 6 hours from my house, but it's more like 10 if the roof rack is noisy and you have to stop to get a new rack, then install it, then stop for lunch, then stop at Costco, then stop for a pee break and ice cream, then get behind a slow motion motorcycle and the 5 cars that won't pass him. Basically we left in the morning and got there at night...

We played on the beach, went for walks, searched for seashells, and sealed up the leaky air mattress with nail polish at 10pm when my kids were supposed to be asleep at 8. We took bubble baths, read magazines, blew bubbles and took pictures. It was relaxing and fun, and the kids had a blast playing with their cousins.

Me trying to get Boo near the water without her screaming (it didn't happen)

Boo enjoying dry land just fine

Sweetie Pie collecting rocks and shells

Little Man putting the rubber boots to work

The condo that now smells like llama poo and has one extra air mattress in it's dumpster

A whale right off the beach

An eagle sitting on the roof right next to us (thanks Mr. Wright for buying me that zoom lens!)

And here's a more scenic picture that I took last year...Photobucket

I hope you enjoyed your Alaskan glimpse, and be thankful that you can't smell the seashells that came home with us after they sat in my hot van in the sun all day today :-X Fishy! :-X

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Fishbacks said...

Wow! Those pics are amazing!

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